Which Who’s Who & Why?

Guess Who

Everyone knows Who’s Who: it’s “the definitive directory of everyone who’s anyone in Britain, and beyond, today”.

So imagine my surprise to receive a letter from Who’s Who. Why, they want to include me in Who’s Who of Britain’s Youngest Directors! Imagine!

Not that Who’s Who, obviously. How could one possibly make that mistake, eh?

No, this Who’s Who is published by Who’s Who Publications, not Oxford University Press.

Their strapline is “ad honorem de excellentia”. My rusty schoolboy latin understands this to translate approximately as “excellent ad revenue”.

And at £39 per copy, who can disagree? Their rigorous selection criteria include…

“[Young directors of businesses] where there has been an increase in net worth over the previous two years by at least £1,000.”

Read the letter and enjoy the full sales patter. Alas, the silver-embossed headed paper didn’t scan well.


The moral of this story? Splash out on the domains for your key products. WhosWho.co.uk is owned by Who’s Who Publications, not Oxford University Press.

Update: Some of *cough* “Britain’s business elite” are so delighted to be included in a prestigious Who’s Who Publications, er, publication that they brag about it.

Step forward…

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