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12/4/2008 update: Domain Lookup now has it’s very own home.

(You can jump straight to the installation once you agree to the user agreement.)

I buy a fair few domains. I’ll be reading, say, David Pogue in the New York Times, see a phrase used in context and wonder if the corresponding domain is available.

This gave me the simple idea for Domain Lookup. The extension lets you perform one click domain searches at your registrar of choice using the selected text in your browser window.

It’s super-simple: select the text for your domain search and hit the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + D by default). Alternatively, you can right click for the contextual menu and hit “Domain Lookup for…”.

Wireless earbuds lookup

The extension will normalize the text, removing spaces and other illegal characters etc, then launch a new tab/window to search for the domain at your favourite registrar.


You can choose your domain registrar on the preferences panel (under Tools > Addons).

Domain Lookup preferences

At present, the Firefox addon supports these domain name registrars:

  • 1 & 1
  • 123reg
  • DirectNic
  • DomainDiscover
  • Dotster
  • eNom
  • Fabulous
  • GoDaddy
  • Melbourne IT
  • Moniker
  • NameCheap
  • NameScout
  • Network Solutions
  • UKReg
  • UK2
  • You can also set the TLD(s) you wish to search for:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .us
  • .fr
  • .jp
  • .de
  • .ca
  • .au
  • .ie
  • .ro
  • Looking for another domain registrar or TLD? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


    If you accept the user agreement, you can go head and install the extension pronto.


    If you are unfamiliar with quirks of installing Firefox addons, full instructions follow:

    1. Try to install the extension.

    2. The latest version of Firefox will warn you…


    3. Click ‘Edit Options’ and add to your trusted domains list.

    Trusted domains

    4. Try to install again once you’ve added to your trusted domains.

    5. After the three second wait, click ‘Install Now’.

    Install the Firefox addon

    6. Restart Firefox.

    Privacy & Legal

    The boring-but-important stuff:

    1. The extension does not log your domain searches. Your domain data is only used to trigger a lookup at your domain registrar.

    2. The extension comes without warranty either expressed or implied. Use of the extension is entirely at your own risk. Neither myself, Richard Kershaw, nor Quality Nonsense Ltd shall be liable for any damages arising directly or indirectly from its use.

    3. The extension contacts every day or so to check for updates to domain registrar data. This means I can add additional domain registrars and TLDs, and fix any problems that arise as registrars change how their sites work.

    4. The extension logs anonymous aggregated usage data by default. You can opt out of this in the preferences pane. The only data collected is the number of installations and how often the extension is used.

    5. The extension uses affiliate links for some domain registrars.

    I take privacy seriously. If you’ve any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.


    Comments, ideas or suggestions? I love them all equally. Specifically, I want to hear:

    • Which domain registrars do you want added?
    • What TLDs do you want added?
    • What could be improved?

    Please post feedback in the post comments.

    My army of beta testers deserve enormous thanks, particularly Aaron, Rob, Jon, Gareth, Stephen and Fraser. Thank you muchly.



    1. says

      This is an excellent idea for a tool – I’ve just downloaded it, thanks.
      Could you add Heart Internet to the list of registrars?

    2. says

      That is magnificent – except that you’ve probably just cost me a couple of hundred in late night drunken domain registrations. All the same, thanks very much!

    3. says

      Great tool! It would be really cool if you integrated a shortcut that popped-up a box where you could also type in your own text. Next version, perhaps? 🙂

    4. Richard Kershaw says

      Pink: A few more UK registrars are on my wants list, including Heart Internet, and WebFusion. More news as I have it.

    5. RedJungle says

      Great tool, thanks for publishing it. Would really love to see included for us in New Zealand at some stage.

    6. says

      That’s a pretty cool idea. I recognize that moniker registration page hehe. I’ve spent way too much time looking at it the past couple years. 🙂 This is one case where I don’t mind affiliate links. Providing a useful service to people should be rewarded. Thanks!

    7. says

      This bloody tool has meant I’ve spent the past few days checking domain after domain although I’ve found some good ones though so thanks. Hurry up and get Heart Internet up and running so I can send some commissions your way!

    8. Richard Kershaw says

      Steve – IDNs are on the ‘possibles’ list for the next version.

      DWD – is already on my ‘to do’ list. It handles domain searches *slightly* differently from most registrars. I’ll let you know when this is ready.

    9. says

      Awesome plugin! Can you add to your list? I know it is not a registrar, but an awesome place to look for domains. You also might want to add a donate button for us grateful folk. Thanks.

    10. Richard Kershaw says

      Due to an over-zealous spam cleanup and the new WordPress comment moderation system, I’ve accidentally deleted a few comments and trackbacks. Apologies.


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