Search Marketing Talk: Go Join Already

Remember ThreadWatch?

Pre-Twitter, it was the daily destination for most SEOs & many webmasters for gossip, rumours & distration.

For younger readers: imagine a kind of Shangri-La where SEOs frollicked freely amongst Google employees.

Search quality engineers offered a discreet nod to go easy on the hypenated keyword domains, while the idea of a 140 character cap on intelligent conversation was still but a glint in Biz Stone’s eye.

I digress – owner Aaron Wall closed Threadwatch three years ago around the time that many of those conversations started to move to the 423,461 SEO blogs* that scientists estimate now exist.

But, fortunately, I’m not the only one who still misses Threadwatch, as Rob Kerry (née Evil Green Monkey) has half-inched the format and launched Search Marketing Talk.

The format is similar and a few of the usual suspects are popping up, too.

On a related note – Experienced People is a new forum about buying and selling websites.

The forum is run by Clinton Lee, AKA FruitMedley at SitePoint. Clinton is the man responsible for one of my all-time favourite articles on the art and science of buying websites: The Ultimate Website Valuation Guide.

Hope to see you at both sites.

* A made up statistic, obviously, but order of magnitude correct, surely?.

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