CardCube: 1999 Called, They Want Their Startup Back

Two years ago, I speculated that the credit crunch would kill pointless web 2.0 startups

(See: “Dude, Where’s My Revenue Model“).

What I didn’t see coming was a comeback for crap late 90s startup ideas.

Take CardCube. CardCube is billed as “an e-card surprise with a difference”.

Unfortunately, their billboard ads suck sufficiently that I had no idea what “the difference” was:

Upon reading their T&Cs, it turns out that “the difference” is…

#1. They Charge For Their Lame E-Cards

You have to pay £1.50 for a service that everyone else offers free. Neat niche!

Due to the unique nature of Card Cubes SMS sending, before you send this greeting you agree that you are over 16 years of age, understand that sending this e-Greeting will cost £1.50 billed to you’re mobile phone and have the billpayers permission to send this e-Greeting.

#2. CardCube Can Sell Your Personal Data

Agree to their T&Cs, and expect to be inundated with postal mail, junk SMS & emails for products you have zero interest in.

We may pass your personal details to other companies whom we think may wish to contact you about other products and services.

You consent to us and people to whom we pass your personal details to contact you by post, email, SMS and phone.

#3. You Can’t Link to

…if you’re a user, or you’ll be breaking their user contract.

You may not link our website to any other website without our prior written consent. If we give any such consent we can revoke it at any time.

Enjoy your e-card surprise with a difference!

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