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My name is Richard Kershaw. My mum tells people I “work with computers”. My dad has *finally* stopped telling people that I bet on greyhounds for a living.

I discovered affiliate marketing in summer 2005. I took a lot of persuading that making money online needn’t be anything to do with multi-level marketing, ponzi schemes or network marketing.

I earned my first commission – a whopping five pounds, c/o Empire Direct (RIP) – and I was hooked. I quit my day job at a low-rent startup six months later.

My company, Quality Nonsense Ltd, publishes a number of affiliate websites.

I’m also co-founder of experience days startup Wish.co.uk. We’re best known for experiences like Zombie Shopping Mall, Riot Training and our near-legendary Romantic Break for Three.

Oh, and Stephen Fry loved our April Fool’s joke (even if our lawyers didn’t).

Since launching in summer 2011, Wish.co.uk has received press coverage in 48 countries, including TV (BBC, CNN, Fox News) and most national papers (The Sun, Daily Mail, The times, Guardian etc).

Over 150,000 people “Liked” Zombie Shopping Mall on FaceBook, while Stephen Fry and Simon Pegg have shared Wish.co.uk with many millions of followers in 2012.

Learn more about Wish.co.uk or see what our customers say about us.

Wish.co.uk: Press Coverage

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I have spoken at a number of webmaster conferences, including…

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