BlogRush Sucks: All Blog, No Rush

BlogRush Sucks

Hold the front page: BlogRush sucks. In the last 30 days, BlogRush has sent a grand total of 0.19% of this site’s visitors, or 1% of the traffic it received from StumbleUpon. BlogRush, you’re fired.

Want to compare your BlogRush traffic stats? Contact me and I’ll add yours.

Blog Visitors/Month 0%
CSS Tricks 0.00003746%
Krillz 0.0005 % 0.00126%
Mobile Marketing Watch* 0.0013612% 0.007% 0.003% 0.010506961% 0.0189%
Terabell 0.03%
Novak’s Blog 0.032%
BlogPond 0.0334% 0.04%
Pointless Banter 0.0597% 0.068%
EyeFlare 0.073%
Plain Beta 0.079%
Fat Man Unleashed 0.08% 0.17%
Quality Nonsense 0.19% 0.2%
Easy C Tutorials 0.22%
Conversion Matters 0.23%
The Comp Zone 0.38%** 0.46%
Negative Smart*** 0.5%
NHL Digest <1%
Conversation Marketing <1%
Shirt Ninja 1.3%

* Vic says: “Nearly all [of the visitors] came before I was even a BlogRush subscriber so they were up to something to try and get my attention.”

** Mark says: “I do think however, that Blog Rush traffic is a bit better than some other referral
sources as BlogRush visitors are a bit more targeted due to the way they categorize blogs. I think this ups the chances of the visitor becoming a recurring visitor or RSS subscriber. I’m hoping to experiment with this further.”

*** Candice says: “However: out of all referral sources Blogrush ranked 7th for average time spent on my site, and out of the few people who comment on my site, Blogrush has added at least two that I know about. So I’m not really prepared to say that Blogrush sucks just yet”

Update 1/11/07: Memo to self: don’t blog ill. I realise I’ve not explained this terribly well, so here’s a little more detail and a few answers to some questions I’ve received by email.

My intention was to look at how BlogRush performed for a broad of typical tech-savvy bloggers. Not, for example, just SEO blogs (ie, adept at driving traffic) or copywriting blogs (ie, skilled at writing headlines). I believe most bloggers will decide on the balance of probabilities that the pitiful amount of incremental traffic is not worth the space BlogRush takes up or the visitors you lose via it.

Q: What kind of control are you using to compare stats?
A: Total visits from BlogRush divided by visitors (not uniques) * 100 for the previous 30 days. Of course, different stats packages/methodologies (log file based vs web based etc) will lead to some minor variance. Think of it as a ready reckoner, if you wish, and take the stats as ‘order of magnitude’ accurate – they still suck.

Q: But BlogRush traffic is targetted. How do you factor this in?
A: In an age when you can target online ads by age, gender, day, time, income, interests etc, billing what BlogRush offers as ‘targeting’ is rather over-selling it.

Q: How are you tracking visitor actions from BlogRush traffic?
A: For most bloggers, I believe the traffic volumes are so pitiful that the screen real estate could be better used for… well, just about anything else, since you ask. If anyone has empirical evidence that BlogRush visitors instantly whip out their credit cards/evanglise about a site/subscribe to RSS feeds or email, I’ll happily publish it.

Q: How many of these bloggers were writing headlines suitable for BlogRush?
A: Tailoring one’s copywriting to a six week old blog widget would be a highly suspect decision. Headlines are for readers, not Google, BlogRush etc.

Q: This is just linkbait.
A: It’s a sorry day when calling BS on a dud product gets a knee-jerk dismissal as linkbait.

NB. I shamelessly pinched this headline from Mashable.

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